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Founding AGM for New Waterloo Riding Held on October 20th, 2016!

New Board Elected


Founding AGM for New Waterloo Riding

A founding Annual General Meeting (AGM) to found the "Waterloo Provincial Liberal Association" was held on Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 PM at the Edelweiss Tavern (600 Doon Village Road, Kitchener).

Because riding boundaries will change to match federal boundaries for the June 2018 provincial election, the riding is being renamed from "Kitchener-Waterloo" to "Waterloo." To reflect this change, a new Waterloo Provincial Liberal Association was formed to replace the old Kitchener-Waterloo Provincial Liberal Association.

The new Waterloo riding will include all of the City of Waterloo and the areas of Kitchener that lie north of the Canadian National Railway line (just north of Victoria St.) and that also lie east of the Conestoga Parkway.

The following people were elected to the new Waterloo Provincial Liberal Association board on October 20th, 2016:
a) President - Rami Said
b) Executive Vice-President - Janet Murray
c) Treasurer - Peter Hughes
d) Membership Secretary - Moyra Adams-Smith
e) Secretary - Doug Varley
e) Directors - Abdullatif Al-Shaikh, Bob Ernest, Elie Nafekh, Elizabeth Bate, Daniel Zister, Simon Tunstall, Michael Schmidt

At a subequent board meeting, Kate Daley was appointed by the board to one of the open Director positions.


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